Notekeeper Open is a Qt-based Evernote client for Symbian and Meego-Harmattan.
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This is the open-source edition of Notekeeper.
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Notekeeper Open

Notekeeper Open is a Qt-based Evernote client for Symbian and Meego-Harmattan.

This app was sold as Notekeeper in the Nokia Store from 2012 till the closure of the store in 2015. This is the complete source code for the app.

This repo also includes third-party code that is used in Notekeeper.

Before building

The Evernote API keys and encryption keys used in Notekeeper are not included in this repository in the interest of security.

To build a working copy of Notekeeper, you will need to:

  1. Obtain a fresh API key from Evernote
  2. Create a random key for encryption

Copy notekeeper_config.h.template in the repository as notekeeper_config.h and populate the fields using the instructions included in the template. After that, you can proceed to build Notekeeper.


Notekeeper should be built with Qt 4.7 or Qt 4.8. It's recommended to build using Qt Creator.

The Symbian version is best built in Windows. The Meego-Harmattan version can be built in Windows, Mac or Linux.

While seeing the project in Qt Creator, if you aren't able to open the QML files for editing, try commenting out this line in the .pro file:



The app uses Qt/QML for the UI and Qt/C++ for backend code (storage, talking to Evernote, etc.).

Sharing of QML code between the Symbian and Meego-Harmattan versions is acheived by using a base of common components that in turn refer to the platform-specific components.