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My module for ICT4TN022

Roope Varttila 2018

What is saltpress?

Saltpress installs Wordpress and its requirements in minutes.

It's not secure at all, so I'd suggest you switch out the passwords in mysql/init.sls and the secret phrases in wordpress/init.sls if you install it on an installed operating system rather than a live-USB (it's kind of made to be a one-time-use installation).

The URL is set to localhost so the themes/plugins you install won't show on other devices than the machine you've installed Wordpress on. If you want, you can change it to your own adress (even a DHCP-adress will work) in the admin Dashboard under Settings - General to make them visible on other devices.

You can use Saltpress for stuff like trying out a new plugin or theme you're working on for Wordpress and need a fresh install.

If you need to access Mysql the set credentials are

user: root
password: testi123

user: wordpress
password: wordpress

How do I use saltpress?

Clone the repository and move to the cloned directory

git clone
cd saltpress

Run the installation script and go to "localhost" in the browser of your choosing

sudo ./
firefox 'localhost'


Known to work on Xubuntu 16.04.4 LTS x64 live-USB, so if you find a problem on another distribution of Linux do tell me.

Originally I was planning on making the Wordpress user and password to preseeded, but decided it makes more sense for the user to set them by themselves since it only takes a couple seconds.

I'll answer each and every question/problem you have or if you just want to contact me, you can do so on my site or by reporting an issue here on Github. All feedback is appreciated!