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Arduino library and sample sketches for Citizen CBM-231 printer
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Microprinter Arduino library, Java and Ruby API


  • microprinter_sketch.pde - an arduino sketch
  • - a java class to communicate with the arduino
  • Microprinter.rb - a ruby class to communicate with the arduino
  • Microprinter_debug.rb - ruby class which prints to console rather than printer
  • ImageMicroprinter.rb - a subclass of Microprinter which can print images
  • microbroker-sinatra - sinatra app
    usage: ruby microprinter-sinatra.rb
    http://localhost:4567/print/weather http://localhost:4567/print?text=test text


Ben O'Steen has a Python port of the library.


In no particular order, some things to be done:

  • add code to manage /print?url=
  • check RSS feeds and print new items as they appear
    Examples: twitter, latest links on, latest instapaper items…
  • re-integrate debug library into microprinter.rb - pipe serial messages to console for debugging and automated testing.
  • format the RSS feed item printout to shorten the URL and print properly so that it can be OCR'd with Google Goggles

Also, I want a pony

Some todo items that may or may not end up being useful, feasible or even interesting.

  • make / do something useful, like display a form that you can feed printable items into.
  • add some kind of polling behavior for specified feeds
  • integrate tom taylor's microprinter-over-ethernet-shield setup, so you can use this sinatra app with one or the other?
  • bookmarklet for printing locally
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