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BIP39 Demo for Nano

This is a simple Go application that demonstrates how to derive a private/public key for Nano from a BIP39 mnemonic. Ledger harware wallets use the same logic for deriving Ed25519 curve based private keys from mnemonic.

Note: Go Ed25519 library doesn't support using a hash other than SHA512, but Nano requires the usage of Blake2B. The Ed25519 library has been forked into the internal/ folder and the hash function replaced to be suitable for Nano.

Usage of the tool:

$ go get
$ go install
$ nano-bip39-demo -mnemonic "edge defense waste choose enrich upon flee junk siren film clown finish luggage leader kid quick brick print evidence swap drill paddle truly occur" -password "some password" -path "44'/165'/0'"

NB! Please don't use any of the addresses generated by the mnemonic above for storing any cryptocurrencies.


App to demonstrate Nano private key derivation from BIP39 mnemonic




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