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Cling Kernel

C++ Kernel for Jupyter with Cling.

Requires ipykernel ≥ 4.0


To install the kernel with sources in src/tools/cling:

export PATH=/cling-install-prefix/bin:$PATH
cd /cling-install-prefix/share/cling/Jupyter/kernel

pip install -e .
# or: pip3 install -e .

# register the kernelspec for C++17/C++1z/C++14/C++11:
# the user can install whichever kernel(s) they
# wish:
jupyter-kernelspec install [--user] cling-cpp17
jupyter-kernelspec install [--user] cling-cpp1z
jupyter-kernelspec install [--user] cling-cpp14
jupyter-kernelspec install [--user] cling-cpp11

To run it:

# or: jupyter notebook
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