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* Cheat engine for CheatDeviceDC
* Based on CodeBreaker/Xploder engine
#define MAX_CODES 100
.global CodeEngineStart
.global CodeListStart
.align 2
stc.l sr, @-r15 ! Push sr, r0-r14 onto stack
mov.l r1, @-r15
mov.l r2, @-r15
mov.l r3, @-r15
mov.l r4, @-r15
mov.l r5, @-r15
mov.l r6, @-r15
mov.l r7, @-r15
mov.l r8, @-r15
mov.l r9, @-r15
mov.l r10, @-r15
mov.l r11, @-r15
mov.l r12, @-r15
mov.l r13, @-r15
mov.l r14, @-r15
mov.l CodeListStart, r0 !r0 = CodeListStart
mov r0, r4 !r4 = CodePointer
mov.l @r4+, r0 ! Get code from code list and increment CodePointer.
! if(code != NULL) {
! goto CodeHandler;
! } else {
! goto CodeEngineEnd;
! }
cmp/eq #0, r0
bf CodeHandler
bra CodeEngineEnd
mov #0xFFFFFF8C, r8
shll16 r8
shll8 r8
mov r0, r1
shll8 r1 ! remove code type byte from code
shlr8 r1
or r1, r8 ! r8 = code address
shlr16 r0
shlr8 r0
and #0xF, r0 ! r0 = code type
mov.l @r4+, r9 ! r9 = code value
! Handle each supported code type
cmp/eq #0, r0
bt Write8
cmp/eq #1, r0
bt Write16
cmp/eq #2, r0
bt Write32
cmp/eq #3, r0
bt WriteArray
cmp/eq #4, r0
bt SerialWrite
cmp/eq #5, r0
bt CopyBytes
cmp/eq #8, r0
bt CodeType8
cmp/eq #0xD, r0
bt Compare
bra Write32 ! 6, 9, a
* ==================
* Code-type Handlers
* ==================
* 8-bit constant write
* 00aaaaaa
* 000000vv
* Constantly writes the 8-bit value @v to address @a.
bra NextCode
mov.b r9, @r8 ! *r8 = (uint8)r9
* 16-bit constant write
* 01aaaaaa
* 0000vvvv
* Constantly writes the 16-bit value @v to address @a.
bra NextCode
mov.w r9, @r8 ! *r8 = (uint16)r9
* 32-bit constant write
* 02aaaaaa
* vvvvvvvv
* Constantly writes the 32-bit value @v to address @a.
bra NextCode
mov.l r9, @r8 ! *r8 = r9
* 32-bit constant array write
* 0300nnnn
* aaaaaaaa
* vvvvvvvv <- value 1
* vvvvvvvv <- value 2
* ...
* vvvvvvvv <- value n
* Constantly writes @n 32-bit values starting at address @a. Values are in
* @n subsequent code lines.
extu.w r8, r8
dt r8 ! r8 -= 1
mov.l @r4+, r0 ! get next code
mov.l r0, @r9
bf/s WriteArray_Loop ! if(r8 > 0) WriteArray_Loop()
add #4, r9 ! increase destination address
bra NextCode ! done writing array
* 32-bit constant serial write
* 04aaaaaa
* nnnnssss
* vvvvvvvv
* a = starting address
* n = number of times to write (16 bits)
* s = size of address step (divided by 4) (16 bits)
* v = start value (32 bits)
* Starting at address @a, write the 32-bit value @v to (@n * address). In each
* cycle, the address is incremented by (@s * 4).
mov.l @r4+, r0 ! r0 = value to write
mov r9, r1
shlr16 r1 ! r1 = number of times to write
extu.w r9, r9 ! r9 = increment amount
shll2 r9
dt r1 ! r1 -= 1
mov.l r0, @r8
bf/s SerialWrite_Loop
add r9, r8 ! increase destination address
bra NextCode
* Copy bytes
* 05ssssss
* dddddddd
* nnnnnnnn
* Copy @n bytes from source address @s to destination address @d.
mov.l @r4+, r1 ! r1 = number of bytes to copy
dt r1 ! r1 -= 1
mov.b @r8+, r0 ! get destination address
mov.b r0, @r9
bf/s CopyBytes_Loop
add #1, r9
bra NextCode
* Pointer write
* 08aaaaaa & w
* vvvvvvvv
* iiiiiiii
* a = address to load 32-bit base address (21 bits)
* i = 32-bit offset to be added to base
* v = 8/16/32-bit value to be written to (base + offset)
* w = Bit-width of @v to write (0 = 8-bit, 1 = 16-bit, 2 = 32-bit)
mov.l @r4+, r1 ! r1 = next code line
mov r8, r0
and #3, r0 ! set next code type to 0, 1, or 2
shlr2 r8 ! align to 32-bit boundary
shll2 r8
mov.l @r8, r8 ! get 32-bit value at address
add r1, r8 ! r8 += r1
! base address + offset
mov r8, r2 ! r2 = r8
shlr16 r2
shlr8 r2
mov #0xFFFFFF8C, r1
cmp/eq r1, r2 ! is address in cached memory?
bt/s ProcessCode ! yes, continue with pointer write
mov #0xFFFFFFAC, r1
cmp/eq r1, r2 ! is address in uncached memory?
bt ProcessCode ! yes, continue with pointer write
mov #0xC, r1
cmp/eq r1, r2 ! is address in MMU-controlled memory?
bt ProcessCode ! yes, continue with pointer write
bra NextCode
* 16-bit multi-line conditional
* 0Daaaaaa
* nnttvvvv
* Compare the value at address @a to value @v, and execute the next @n code
* lines iff the test condition @t is true.
* 0 = Equal
* 1 = Not Equal
* 2 = Less Than
* 3 = Greater than
* Note:
* When the launcher processes the code list it will:
* 1. Convert E-type codes to D-type
* 2. Set @n to 2 for existing D-type codes
mov.w @r8, r1
extu.w r1, r1
mov r9, r3
shlr16 r3
shlr8 r3
shll2 r3
mov r9, r0
shlr16 r0
extu.b r0, r0
extu.w r9, r9
cmp/eq #0, r0
bt Compare_Eq
cmp/eq #1, r0
bt Compare_Neq
cmp/eq #2, r0
bt Compare_Lt
cmp/eq #3, r0
bt Compare_Gt
cmp/eq r1, r9
bt NextCode ! Test condition true, continue processing codes
bf/s NextCode ! Test condition false, skip over @n code lines
add r3, r4
cmp/eq r1, r9
bf NextCode
bt/s NextCode
add r3, r4
cmp/hs r9, r1
bf NextCode
bt/s NextCode
add r3, r4
cmp/hi r9, r1
bt NextCode
bf/s NextCode
add r3, r4
* Not sure what the following code lines do. I don't think they're ever
* executed.
add #-4, r8
extu.w r8, r8
shll2 r8
bra NextCode
add r8, r4
mov.l @r15+, r14 ! Restore r14-r0, sr from stack
mov.l @r15+, r13
mov.l @r15+, r12
mov.l @r15+, r11
mov.l @r15+, r10
mov.l @r15+, r9
mov.l @r15+, r8
mov.l @r15+, r7
mov.l @r15+, r6
mov.l @r15+, r5
mov.l @r15+, r4
mov.l @r15+, r3
mov.l @r15+, r2
mov.l @r15+, r1
ldc.l @r15+, sr
mov.l @r15+, r8 ! Original function start
mov.l @r15+, r9
mov.l @r15+, r10
mov.l @r15+, r11
mov.l @r15+, r12
mov.l @r15+, r13
mov.l @r15+, r14
lds.l @r15+, macl
lds.l @r15+, mach
lds.l @r15+, pr
mov.l h8C001994, r0
mov #0, r2
mov.l r2, @r0
nop ! Original function end
.long 0x8C001994
.space (MAX_CODES*4)
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