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Cheat Device for PS2

Cheat Device is a game enhancer for PlayStation 2 games, similar to Action Replay, GameShark, and CodeBreaker. It supports booting retail, disc based games as well as ELF files such as OpenPS2Loader or ESR.


  • Easy to navigate menu system similar to CodeBreaker
  • Supports retail discs and loader ELFs
  • Fast loading of large cheat lists
  • Save manager for backing up and restoring game saves to/from a flash drive
  • Powered by ps2rd's powerful cheat engine

Important Things

Storing Cheats

Cheat databases are stored in CDB files created with cdb-util, which will convert cheat lists following this simple format:

"Game Name"
90000000 88888888
Cheat 1
27654321 12345678
Cheat 2
12345678 98765432
Cheat Section
Cheat 3
11111111 00000000

// Comment line

Enable Codes

9-type enable codes (9xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy) are supported, and the first cheat for every game must contain an enable code. If an F-type enable code is used instead (which is common for older games), it will be silently ignored and a hook will be installed automatically by the code engine. Many games have been tested with the auto-hook function, but its best if a 9-type enable code is used.

Code format

All cheats must be in "RAW" format; Cheat Device can't decrypt or read any other formats (ARMAX, CB1-6, CB7+, AR2, GS, etc.). However, you can use
tools such as OmniConvert to convert any of these formats to RAW.


Settings are stored in an ini file named "CheatDevicePS2.ini", which needs to be located in the directory Cheat Device is run from. The cheat database path and additional boot paths are set here. See the included settings file for an example.

Planned Features

  • Loading of plain-text cheat lists
  • Loading of ELF files from the hard drive
  • Saving/opening additional game save formats (*.MAX, etc.)
  • Console-side cheat manipulation
  • Save list of enabled cheats before starting a game. Re-enable cheats next time Cheat Device is run.


Note: You must have zlib installed from ps2sdk-ports.

    cd cheatdeviceps2
    make release

If you have Docker installed, it's easiest to compile Cheat Device using my docker image:



Cheat Device is not licensed, sponsored, or endorsed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Cheat Device is licensed under GNU GPL-3. See LICENSE for details. The cheat engine is from ps2rd by Mathias Lafedlt. The bootstrap is based on EE_CORE from OpenPS2Loader.