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* Cheats Manager
* Manages cheats used by Cheat Device.
#ifndef CHEATS_H
#define CHEATS_H
#include <tamtypes.h>
typedef enum { TEXT, BINARY } cheatDatabaseType_t;
Cheats are stored top-down like this:
Cheat Database --> Game --> Cheat --> Code
| Game 1
| Cheat 1
| Cheat 2
| Code Lines
| Cheat 3
| Code Lines
| Game 2
typedef struct cheatsCheat {
char title[81];
cheatTitleType_t type;
int numCodeLines;
u64 *codeLines;
char enabled;
struct cheatsCheat *next;
} cheatsCheat_t;
typedef struct cheatsGame {
char title[81];
unsigned int numCheats;
cheatsCheat_t *cheats;
struct cheatsGame *next;
} cheatsGame_t;
int initCheatMan();
int killCheatMan();
// Open a cheat database and load it's cheats.
int cheatsOpenDatabase(const char* path);
// TODO: Save all cheats to a file.
int cheatsSaveDatabase(const char* path, cheatDatabaseType_t t);
// Re-enable previously used cheats
int cheatsLoadHistory();
// Create a menu with game titles.
int cheatsLoadGameMenu();
/* Create a menu with cheat titles. Each entry will have a pointer to
it's associated cheatsCheat_t object for toggling cheats from the menu.
Game object is returned so the menu manager can associate the created menu
with a game. */
cheatsGame_t* cheatsLoadCheatMenu(cheatsGame_t* game);
// TODO: Create a menu with a cheat's code lines
int cheatsLoadCodeMenu(const char* game, const char* cheat);
// Create a new game and add it to the game list
int cheatsAddGame(const char* title);
// TODO: Add a cheat to a game's cheat list
int cheatsAddCheat(const char *title, cheatsCheat_t *cheat);
// Draw helper text.
void cheatsDrawStats();
// Sets a cheat as enabled/disabled
int cheatsToggleCheat(cheatsCheat_t *cheat);
// Check if a game is the active game.
int cheatsIsActiveGame(const cheatsGame_t *game);
// Set the active game. If any cheats were enabled for the previously active
// game, they will all be disabled.
int cheatsSetActiveGame(cheatsGame_t *game);
// Setup up the cheat engine and load active cheats
void cheatsInstallCodesForEngine();
/* used by cheat engine */
int (*get_max_hooks)(void);
int (*get_num_hooks)(void);
int (*add_hook)(u32 addr, u32 val);
void (*clear_hooks)(void);
int (*get_max_codes)(void);
void (*set_max_codes)(int num);
int (*get_num_codes)(void);
int (*add_code)(u32 addr, u32 val);
void (*clear_codes)(void);
void (*syscallHook)(void);