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* Binary Database Reader
* Converts binary cheat database to structures used by the Cheat Manager.
#ifndef DATABASE_H
#define DATABASE_H
#include <tamtypes.h>
#include "cheats.h"
typedef struct dbMasterHeader {
char magic[4];
u8 version;
u16 numTitles;
char padding[9];
} dbMasterHeader_t;
typedef struct dbCheat {
char *title;
u8 numCodeLines;
u64 *codeEntries;
} dbCheat_t;
// Open and read/decompress the database. Only one database can be open at a time.
int dbOpenDatabase(const char *path);
// Converts database to cheat struct. Returns number of games in database.
int dbOpenBuffer(unsigned char *buff);
// Free database from memory.
int dbCloseDatabase();
// Retrieve data structure from loaded database.
cheatsGame_t *dbGetCheatStruct();
// Load a game's cheats. This is needed if dbGetCheatStruct was called with titlesOnly == 1.
int dbGetCheats(cheatsGame_t *game);