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* Save Manager
* Backup and restore game saves from a memory card and flash drive. Saves are
* backed up to PSU files when stored on a flash drive.
#ifndef SAVES
#define SAVES
#include <tamtypes.h>
#define MC_SLOT_1 (1 << 0)
#define MC_SLOT_2 (1 << 1)
#define FLASH_DRIVE (1 << 2)
typedef u8 device_t;
typedef struct gameSave gameSave_t;
int initSaveMan();
int killSaveMan();
// Create a menu with save titles.
void savesLoadSaveMenu(device_t dev);
// Get list of saves on a memory card or PSU files on a flash drive.
gameSave_t *savesGetSaves(device_t dev);
// Check which devices are present.
int savesGetAvailableDevices();
// Display help text.
void savesDrawTicker();
// Prompt user for destination device, then copy the save.
int savesCopySavePrompt(gameSave_t *save);