QNEAT3 - Qgis Network Analysis Toolbox 3
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The QNEAT3 (short for Qgis Network Analysis Toolbox 3) Plugin aims to provide sophisticated QGIS Processing-Toolbox algorithms in the Field of Network Analysis. In order to assure usability and consitency in the QGIS software design, the QNEAT3-Plugin is not designed as a simple GUI extension but as an QGIS Processing provider for Processing toolbox algorithms. Further information will be provided at the corresponding ResearchGate project-website.

Currently implemented algorithms:

  • Shortest Path (Dijkstra) between two points (pairs of coordinates obtained by using QGIS-GUI)
  • Origin-Destination Matrices Matrix between all points of a layer.
  • ISO-Area Algorithms Algorithms for isochrone area calculation (pointcloud, interpolation-based raster, contours and polygon)