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+Hey, cool. You're reading this. That is a good thing.
+My vision for WebOOT is to make it a community-driven project. I am modelling
+this on the linux kernel. This is about sharing cool stuff for the greater
+good of everybody.
+Features win by virtue of being well implemented, useful to people or just cool.
+Features which lose are still useful - they allow for iteration and sharing
+concepts. Share your dirty branches.
+You can start editing and committing without asking any permissions of anyone.
+I don't even have to know about it.
+In the long run I would like to make it an application that can be used to
+communicate and converse around interesting/digested physics data, in whatever
+form it comes in. Picture "the github/gitorius of physics analysis".
+Things you need to know if you want to contribute:
+* All code should be PEP8 compliant to the best possible standard.
+ It's worth saying that one of the clauses of PEP8 allows for violation of it.
+ I think that things about use of whitespace and import ordering are useful.
+ Please use "from x import y" (with the exception of, maybe ROOT), and list
+ your imports grouped by "stdlib", "3rd party packages", "other WebOOT modules"
+ In principal it should be possible to "ack" ( for names
+ to find out where they are defined. If it isn't, that is a bug.
+* Please make your commits granular. Git facilitates this by allowing you to
+ commit those massive of changes you just made one piece at a time. Go and
+ read about "git add -p" (`man git-add`). This means that in principle people
+ can glance at your commits and immediately understand what you changed.
+ Unlike with SVN, you don't have to think or work "granularly" to achieve this.
1 README.txt
@@ -19,3 +19,4 @@ in the current directory:
# Copy some histograms to your results/ directory, then run..
env/bin/paster serve --reload development.ini
+Please see `CONTRIBUTING`.

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