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This module handles conversion of ROOT's TFile and
contained TTrees into HDF5 format with PyTables
Also see scripts/root2hd5
import sys
import os
import traceback
import numpy
import tables
import ROOT
from .progressbar import *
from .io import open as ropen, utils
from .tree import Tree
from .root2array import tree_to_recarray
def convert(rfile, hfile, rpath='', stream=sys.stdout):
if isinstance(hfile, basestring):
hfile = tables.openFile(filename=hfile, mode="w", title="Data")
if isinstance(rfile, basestring):
rfile = ropen(rfile)
for dirpath, dirnames, treenames in utils.walk(rfile, rpath, class_pattern='TTree'):
if not dirpath and not treenames: # skip root
if not dirnames and not treenames: # skip directories w/o trees or subdirs
where_group = '/' + os.path.dirname(dirpath)
current_dir = os.path.basename(dirpath)
if not current_dir:
group = hfile.root
group = hfile.createGroup(where_group, current_dir, "")
if stream is not None:
print >> stream, "Will convert %i tree(s) in this directory" % len(treenames)
for tree, treename in [(rfile.Get(os.path.join(dirpath, treename)), treename) for treename in treenames]:
if stream is not None:
print >> stream, "Converting %s with %i entries ..." % (treename, tree.GetEntries())
recarray = tree_to_recarray(tree, None, False)
table = hfile.createTable(group, treename, recarray, tree.GetTitle())
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