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Clarify correct way to call roots them from subdirectory #152

draivika opened this Issue · 3 comments

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in the standard wp instructions for calling wp from a subdirectory the 2 files you need to move are index.php and .htcaccess into the root.

Since Roots uses it's own way to generate the .htaccess and it resides in a different directory within the thme files, is there a specific way to do it, or do I just move the index.php file and leave htaccess alone?

Thanks for clarifying.


This isn't really just a subdirectory install. It's actually a custom core file location which isn't supported in Roots due to a WordPress bug. See #54.


Bummer. even though it isn't a standard installation, it is a very useful one for development.



Ran headlong into this - glad I noticed the issue before attempting to go live on this project. Reading the trac ticket looks like the priority isn't very high.

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