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roots theme activation suggestion #697

mistergiri opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Recently i installed roots theme and activated it. I got this notice.

Please make sure your .htaccess file is writable

I guess that's because i'm using default permalinks. But thats not the point. I cannot go back to the settings page after I click .htaccess link unless I deactivate and activate the theme again. So i think its good idea to add target="_blank" attribute in that link


Hey there,

I am guessing you are working on your localhost ? I have this issue only when working / setting up a new install on my localhost..

Here is my Fix:

create a blank .htaccess file and place this in your root WP installation directory.. The in you admin section activate the roots theme.. then activate another theme (i activate one of the default wp themes).. then activate the roots theme again.. refresh you website and the roots theme will display correctly .

This problem doesn't happen when activating roots on a live server.. I think the problem is to do with file permissions on my PC i am using Windows 7 and Wamp server.

Hope that helps.

Regards, Darren


why would you need to go back to the activation page, @mistergiri? it should be available until you've submitted the form


@retlehs Yes the page available until I submit the form. But I clicked the .htacess link instead of submitting the form, it redirected me to permalinks settings page. I changed permalinks structure. Now the theme looks like activated. But the point is I still didn't submit the activation form. To see activation form again, I have to deactivate my theme and activate the theme again. Thats why I suggested to add target="_blank" attribute


'theme activation' menu link is available under themes until the form is submitted


I tested once again. I deativated roots theme. I activated again. Theme activation page appeared. I didn't click the submit button. Instead I clicked dashboard link. I didn't submit the form so far. But the theme has been activated and I'm still not seeing "theme activation" link so far.

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