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Leaner Roots #992

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As part of 7.0.0 (#982):

Soil will be scrapped and become a plugin that contains:

  • Markup changes/clean up
    • wp_head() clean up
    • Remove WP version from RSS feeds
    • Clean up <html> attributes
    • Clean up <link> tags
    • Clean up body_class()
    • Wrap embedded media as suggested by Readability
    • Use <figure> and <figcaption> for WP captions
    • Remove unnecessary dashboard widgets
    • Remove unnecessary self-closing tags
  • Nice search
  • Relative URLs

The above features will be enabled in Roots (or any other theme) if Soil is activated by using add_theme_support:

  • add_theme_support('soil-clean-up');
  • add_theme_support('soil-nice-search');
  • add_theme_support('soil-root-relative-urls');

Remove from Roots:

  • lib/cleanup.php - Move roots_get_search_form to lib/utils.php
  • lib/widgets.php - Remove vCard widget, move register sidebars to lib/init.php
  • lib/relative-urls.php
@retlehs retlehs added this to the 7.0.0 milestone
This was referenced

So if I'm understanding this correctly, nice search for example will be moved to Soil from Roots? If so, will this be separate WP plugin or one that can integrated within the Roots folder (or both)?


yup. both. you'd be able to include soil if you place it in your theme directory and require it in functions.php, but it makes sense to stay as a plugin

@retlehs retlehs referenced this issue from a commit in roots/soil
@retlehs retlehs Ref #13 / roots/sage#992 - Initial new setup 41d64e4

now in the 7.0.0 branch using soil's new branch

@retlehs retlehs closed this
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