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Sidebar configuration #994

Gavrisimo opened this Issue · 2 comments

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So I have is_front_page in $sidebar_config inside /lib/config.php, which should mean that I don't want to have sidebar on my front page.

When I enabled Roots home page was created.

The thing is when I put these two at top of base.php:

<?php var_dump( is_front_page() ) ?>
<?php var_dump( roots_display_sidebar() ) ?>

Both of those are true, but I was expecting roots_display_sidebar() to be false.

Any idea how to debug this?


After chatting with @c2itllc I decided to test this with new installation of Roots in fresh WordPress installation, and of course everything works as expected in there...

So this is something related to this specific project, I'll just need to find time and debug it... :-/


If you've found the solution and think it would help others, a follow up would be great. If you still need help debugging, please try Discourse. Thanks.

@Foxaii Foxaii closed this
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