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Wordpress core search working with "ö,ç,ş,ı,ğ,ü" it converting them to "o,c,s,i,g,u".
So i have a post named "Sütlaç" it is not working if i search it.
My blog adress, you can try to search "Sütlaç" post.

Sorry for my bad English.

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I'm not able to replicate this locally and we fixed similar issues previously. Have you tried disabling plugins?

You can disable nice-search in lib/config.php or you could use remove_accents on the redirect. The search works with the accents on the two installs I tried.


thank you Foxaii, im glad about your answer. Probably remove_accents will fix my problem, but please can u show me where can i add it?
$search_base = $wp_rewrite->search_base;
if (is_search() && !is_admin() && strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], "/{$search_base}/") === false) {
wp_redirect(home_url("/{$search_base}/" . urlencode(get_query_var('s'))));

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wp_redirect(home_url("/{$search_base}/" . urlencode(remove_accents(get_query_var('s')))));

Thank you, problem solved partically.
I am glad to root theme developers.

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You're welcome.

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