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What is BabelExtLight?

BabelExtLight is a lightweight crossbrowser extension boilerplate for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera (not supported yet)
  • Safari

BabelExtLight is inspired from the original project BabelExt

Who is BabelExtLight for?

BabelExtLight is suited for developers wanting to create "content enhancement" extensions that enhance websites.

What does BabelExtLight do to help me?

BabelExtLight will help you to make cross domain http requests (CORS) avoiding crossbrowsers issues and will help you to add stylesheets to the page (some browsers need you to add !important to each lines to be considered).

Great, now how do I get started?

First, download all of the source from Github and put it together within a folder.

Lauch the shell script. This will:

  • copy the common folder content to Chrome/app folder.
  • symlink the common folder with the Firefox/data folder.
  • link some files into the Safari.safariextension folder.

That's all folks. You can now try the extension in all supported browsers. This will add a simple message ("This is BabelExtLight made by roparz") a the bottom left of all web pages.

Instructions before making your own extension

XHR: get inspiration from the common/extension.user.js to see how you can use XHR.

Styles: go to Firefox/lib/main.js and the "contentStyleFiles" block to see how you can add stylesheet to Firefox extension. Just add the stylesheets you want in the "styles" array of the Safari/background.js file for Safari extension.

Instructions for loading/testing an extension in each browser


  • Click the wrench icon and choose Tools -> Extensions

  • Check the "Developer Mode" checkbox

  • Click "load unpacked extension" and choose the Chrome directory

  • Go to any web page and see the magic!

  • Further Chrome development information can be found at


Opera (not supported yet)

  • Click Tools -> Extensions -> Manage Extensions

  • Find the config.xml file in the Opera directory of BabelExtLight, and drag it to the Extensions window

  • Go to any web page and see the magic!

  • Further Opera development information can be found at


Instructions for automaticaly build your extension for each browsers

Read the content file. Install all tools you need (cfx for Firefox, crxmake for Chrome and xar for Safari).

You need to follow some instructions before building Safari extension

Finally just lauch the shell script.


BabelExtLight is a lightweight crossbrowser extension boilerplate






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