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Project Status: Abandoned – Initial development has started, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release; the project has been abandoned and the author(s) do not intend on continuing development.

Improving the track changes and reviewing experience in R markdown. reviewer provides two main functions:

  • an RStudio addin that adds the required JavaScript code to an rmarkdown document, so that when rendered to HTML it can be annotated using the service
  • the capability to compare two versions of an rmarkdown document and display their differences in a nicely-formatted manner.

Annotating web pages

Important note

In order to use the annotation functionality it is needed to sign-up at the website

Differences between rmarkdown files

The diff_rmd function can be used to produce a nicely-formatted document showing the differences between two rmarkdown files. This function can be used to compare two files, or a file with previous versions of itself (within a git repository).

See the package vignette for a demonstration.

Related packages

  • trackmd is similar to reviewer, but:

    • is an RStudio-specific addin, whereas reviewer can be used outside of the RStudio environment (e.g. with your preferred text editor)
    • shows changes only in the rendered rmarkdown file (i.e. once it has been converted to its HTML document format). reviewer can show changes in either the raw rmarkdown document or its rendered output.
  • latexdiffr similarly shows differences in the rendered document, but uses the latexdiff utility to do so (you need latexdiff installed on your system to use it). It can also be used outside of RStudio.

  • diffobj provides a colourized depiction of the differences between arbitrary R objects. This could be used to compare two rmarkdown documents by e.g. reading their contents into character vectors and applying the diffChr function.

  • rmdrive allows easy round-tripping of an rmarkdown document to Google Drive, where it can be edited by non-R-using collaborators, and back again. The edited changes could then be viewed using reviewer.

  • markdrive is similar to rmdrive, but pushes the rendered rmarkdown document to and from Google.


ARCHIVED Improving the track changes and reviewing experience in R markdown





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