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For general information see How rOpenSci Runs Community Calls.

See our Checklist for a Community Call, from idea to archive and metrics

What would YOU like to hear about in an rOpenSci Community Call?

We are soliciting your "votes" and new ideas for Community Call topics and speakers. Read on to see how you can influence us.

rOpenSci holds Community Calls every 1 - 2 months to share knowledge that is relevant to our community and consistent with our vision and mission. These are free and open for anyone to attend and provide opportunities for us to connect with rOpenSci community members around the world.

Community Calls are 1 hour long, typically include presentations from 1 to 3 speakers and we always reserve 20 minutes for Q & A. Past topics included, How do you review code that accompanies a research project or paper?, Security for R, How do I Create a Code of Conduct for my Event/Lab/Codebase?, and Research Applications of rOpenSci Taxonomy and Biodiversity Tools.

How can you weigh in?

We’ve opened an issue in this repository for each topic we’re considering. We'd like your input and "votes" on these, and your suggestions for other topics we haven't though of. We welcome participation and civil conversations that adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Watch this repo to see what people are saying.

  • Show your interest in a topic with a 👍🏼🎉🚀👎🏼😕
  • Add to an existing idea: propose speakers, resources, what else should we cover
  • Suggest a topic by opening a new issue
  • Encourage others to weigh in by sharing the link to your favorite topic

The template for suggesting a topic

We created an issue template so anyone can describe their idea for us and others to understand and weigh in. Make your suggestion by opening a new issue that includes:

  • Topic
  • Who is the audience? (Who might want to know this? What other groups or organizations might be interested?)
  • Why is this important?
  • What should be covered?
  • Suggested speakers or contributors (consider people other than “the usual suspects”; being named here does not obligate them to participate in any way)
  • Resources you would recommend to the audience

We will label issues with 0/idea, 1/approved, 2/working on it, 3/completed.

Thank you!

We'll use your input to prioritize and arrange future Community Calls.


Proposing and discussing ideas for Community Calls


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