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An R wrapper for the AntWeb API
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AntWeb is a repository of ant specimen records maintained by the California Academy of Sciences. From the website's description:

AntWeb is the world's largest online database of images, specimen records, and natural history information on ants. It is community driven and open to contribution from anyone with specimen records, natural history comments, or images.


Installing the package

Stable version

install.packages("AntWeb", dependencies = TRUE)
# version 0.6

Development version

# If you don't already have the devtools package installed, run
# install.packages("devtools")
# unlike most packages, devtools requires additional non-R dependencies depending on your OS. 
# See →
install_github("ropensci/AntWeb", ref = "dev")

Quick usage guide

Function name Description Example
aw_data Search for data by taxonomic level, full species name, a bounding box, habitat, elevation or type. Search by a species name
aw_data(scientific_name = "acanthognathus brevicornis")
or by a genus
crem <- aw_data(genus = "crematogaster")
Search by a bounding box
aw_data(bbox = '37.77,-122.46,37.76,-122.47')
Search by an elevation band
aw_data(min_elevation = 1500, max_elevation = 2000)
aw_unique Obtain a list of unique levels by various taxonomic ranks aw_unique(rank = "subfamily")
genus_list <- aw_unique(rank = "genus")
aw_unique(rank = "species")
aw_images Search photos by type or time since added. aw_images(since = 5)
aw_images(since = 5, type = "h")
aw_coords Search for specimens by location and radius aw_coords(coord = "37.76,-122.45", r = 5)
aw_code Search for a specimen by record number aw_code(occurrenceid = "CAS:ANTWEB:alas188691")
aw_map Map georeferenced data adf <- aw_data(genus = "acanthognathus", georeferenced = TRUE)


To cite packageAntWebin publications use:

  'Karthik Ram' (2014). AntWeb: programmatic interface
  to the AntWeb. R package version

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

    title = {AntWeb: programmatic interface to the AntWeb},
    author = {'Karthik Ram'},
    year = {2014},
    note = {R package version},
    url = {},

This package is part of a richer suite called SPOCC Species Occurrence Data, along with several other packages, that provide access to occurrence records from multiple databases. We recommend using SPOCC as the primary R interface to AntWeb unless your needs are limited to this single source.

Questions, bugs, and suggestions

Please file any bugs or questions as issues or send in a pull request.


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