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@Dahaniel Dahaniel released this Mar 7, 2017

Function names are now all snake_case and load_door_data() warns before loading data to the current environment. For more changes see CHANGELOG.

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@Dahaniel Dahaniel released this Feb 25, 2016

A comprehensive update to data and functions of the DoOR project. Please see the publication for more details:

Assets 4

@Dahaniel Dahaniel released this Apr 17, 2015


updated documentation
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Dec 4, 2014


Version 1.0 as published with Galizia, C.G., Münch, D., Strauch, M., …
…Nissler, A., Ma, S., 2010. Integrating heterogeneous odor response data into a common response model: A DoOR to the complete olfactome. ChemSenses 35, 551–63. doi:10.1093/chemse/bjq042