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MODIStsp 1.3.4

Main changes

Breaking changes

  • Due to improvements and changes in the GUI (see below), MODIStsp .json options
    files saved with older versions are no longer supported. Users will be informed of
    this if trying to use an obsolete json file.

  • Removed support for FTP download due to switch-off of NASA servers.

Updates in supported products

  • Removed all v005 and earlier products, due to discontinuation of their
    distribution by NASA servers

  • Added support for the following products:

    MCD64A1; MCD12C1; MCD18A1; MCD18A2; MCD12Q1; MOD44B; MOD44W; MCD12C1; MCD12Q1;
    MOD12A2; MOD12A3

Improvements in download functions

  • Improvements in GUI. It is now possible to set the processing extent interactively
    using the "Select on Map" button. This opens a browser window allowing to select
    and extent.

  • Use of httr::RETRY to improve behavior while navigating the servers to
    retrieve available files and while downloading hdf file (when use_aria == FALSE),
    thus removing dependency to RCurl.

Improvements in processing functions

  • Improved functionality for dealing with NoData for products with multiple
    fill-values. If "Change NoData" is set to "Yes", then in case a layer
    has multiple Nodata values all those values are set to NA in the output
    (see github.com/#113)

Extensive code refactoring for submission to ropensci.

  • Long functions were simplified/split into smaller functions to allow for
    easier maintenance
  • GUI event handlers were moved into dedicated "R" files
  • Extensive code linting to abide to ropensci standards
  • Switch to jsonlite/xml2 to abide to ropensci standards
  • Removal of some less-used dependencies (e.g., hash)

Improvements in documentation and website

  • More detailed documentation for the main functions
  • Improvements in pkgdown articles to include some "worked examples" (e.g.,
  • New article in pkgdown showing a list of supported products

Improvements in test coverage

  • Several new tests added, bringing coverage above 90%

New functions

  • Added MODIStsp_resetindexes to remove all custom indexes from a MODIStsp
    json options file and MODIStsp_reset_options to reset MODIStsp options to

Bug fixing

  • Fixed bug affecting extent selection when working with non-tiled (MCD) products

  • Fixed bugs affecting the "Seasonal" time series download