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This repository

Implementation of the Mendeley API in R (now on CRAN)

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Installing RMendeley 1.00

Mendeley 1.00 requires ROAuth 0.9.2 which is unlikely to ever be available on CRAN. Therefore you MUST install ROAUth from github before installing this version. There is no futher development planned for the package at this time.



A full RMendeley tutorial is available on the ropensci website.

Public Methods API

(see public methods for more information)

Statistics methods (from Mendeley Server)

  • authors -- top authors (overall or by subject, trending)
  • papers -- all time top papers (overall or by subject, trending)
  • publications -- top journals
  • tags -- most popular tags in week-long periods

Search methods

  • msearch-- all papers matching the search query
  • authored -- all papers with given author
  • related -- related papers
  • tagged -- all papers with the tag
  • Categories -- a function to look up categories and their reference numbers
  • subcategories - a function to look up subcategories and their reference numbers
  • Details -- more details such as authors, publication outlet, year, abstract, PubMed ID if available, etc. Also returns # readers, top 3 discipline stats, top 3 country stats, and top 3 education status stats.

Public Group methods

  • Public groups overview
  • Public groups details
  • Public groups documents
  • Public groups people

User Specific Methods API

(see user specific methods for more information)

Profiles Methods

  • Contacts
  • Add contact
  • Profile info

Stats Methods

  • Authors stats
  • Tags stats
  • Publications stats

Documents Methods

  • Library
  • Authored publications
  • Documents details
  • Create new document
  • Upload file
  • Download file
  • Delete document

Groups Methods

  • Groups
  • Group people
  • Group documents
  • Group document details
  • Create group
  • Delete group

Folders Methods

  • Folders
  • Folder documents
  • Add document to folder
  • Create folder
  • Delete folder
  • Delete document from folder
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