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\title{public_groups.people.R Public Group Methods (Public Methods)}
public_groups_people(query, key = getOption("MendeleyKey",
stop("need an API key for Mendeley")), url = sprintf("\%s/\%s/\%s",
"", query, "people"),
curl = getCurlHandle(), ...)
\item{query}{a public group ID number}
\item{key}{Mendeley API key (otherwise will try and load
from package)}
\item{url}{the Mendeley API url for the function (should
be left to default)}
\item{...}{optional additional curl options (debugging
tools mostly)}
\item{curl}{If using in a loop, call getCurlHandle()
first and pass the returned value in here (avoids
unnecessary footprint)}
detailed metadata for all articles in the public group
This method will return further people about a group.