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Tooling to generate pkgdown sites and more.

Create a Volume

First create a persistent volume data which will hold the websites and source packages:

docker volume create data

Then use any standard webserver container to host the data volume:

docker run -d -p 80:8043 -v data:/srv/http --name httpd pierrezemb/gostatic

Now navigate to http://localhost in your browser. Use docker stop and docker start to pause and restart the webserver:

docker stop httpd

The data volume persists after killing or restarting webserver. To manually explore the data volume, just mount it in any container with a shell:

docker run --rm -it -v data:/data busybox

Building and host locally

Build packages from their git url using the ropensci/docs image with arguments build {git_url}. These may run in parallel:

docker run --rm -it -v data:/data ropensci/docs build
docker run --rm -it -v data:/data ropensci/docs build
docker run --rm -it -v data:/data ropensci/docs build

Alternatively you can build from a local path. For example to copy the current directory in the container and build that:

docker create --name builder --rm -it -v data:/data ropensci/docs build "/sources"
docker cp $PWD "builder:/sources"
docker start builder --attach

Upon success, websites are saved to /data will be available in http://localhost/docs

Deploy to Github

To also deploy to Github you need to provide a GITHUB_PAT variable with permission to your Github org. Then run deploy to upload all the sites to your github org.

docker run --rm -it --env-file=env.txt -v data:/data ropensci/docs deploy

In env.txt you can also set GIT_USER and GIT_EMAIL variables to commit as a specific git user.


Stop the webserver (if any) and remove the data volume:

docker stop httpd && docker rm httpd
docker volume rm data

Jenkins CI Server

Checkout for how to setup a Jenkins server based on docker compose.


Tooling for building and deploying rOpenSci documentation


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