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rOpenSci .github files
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rOpenSci .github files

These templates are part of our guidance for package authors. Cf our gitbook in particular the chapter about collaboration.


How to use the templates:

You can use the rodev::use_ro_github() function of rodev to perform all three steps at once, or

  • Put the content of dotgithub folder i.e. these three files in a .github directory in the base of your R package.
  • Update the file with the package name.
  • Make sure to add a line with .github in your .Rbuildignore file in your package as well. E.g. run usethis::use_build_ignore(".github").

For more info on template files for GitHub repos:

Note: These files are mostly not specific to rOpenSci - there are a few items in the files specific to rOpenSci, but can be easily removed.

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