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  • What does this package do? (explain in 50 words or less):

  • Paste the full DESCRIPTION file inside a code block below:

  • URL for the package (the development repository, not a stylized html page):

  • Please indicate which category or categories from our package fit policies this package falls under *and why(? (e.g., data retrieval, reproducibility. If you are unsure, we suggest you make a pre-submission inquiry.):

[e.g., "data extraction, because the package parses a scientific data file format"]

  •   Who is the target audience and what are scientific applications of this package?  

  • Are there other R packages that accomplish the same thing? If so, how does yours differ or meet our criteria for best-in-category?

  •   If you made a pre-submission enquiry, please paste the link to the corresponding issue, forum post, or other discussion, or @tag the editor you contacted.


Confirm each of the following by checking the box. This package:

  • does not violate the Terms of Service of any service it interacts with.
  • has a CRAN and OSI accepted license.
  • contains a README with instructions for installing the development version.
  • includes documentation with examples for all functions.
  • contains a vignette with examples of its essential functions and uses.
  • has a test suite.
  • has continuous integration, including reporting of test coverage, using services such as Travis CI, Coveralls and/or CodeCov.
  • I agree to abide by ROpenSci's Code of Conduct during the review process and in maintaining my package should it be accepted.

Publication options

  • Do you intend for this package to go on CRAN?
  • Do you wish to automatically submit to the Journal of Open Source Software? If so:
    • The package has an obvious research application according to JOSS's definition.
    • The package contains a matching JOSS's requirements with a high-level description in the package root or in inst/.
    • The package is deposited in a long-term repository with the DOI:
    • (Do not submit your package separately to JOSS)
  • Do you wish to submit an Applications Article about your package to Methods in Ecology and Evolution? If so:
    • The package is novel and will be of interest to the broad readership of the journal.
    • The manuscript describing the package is no longer than 3000 words.
    • You intend to archive the code for the package in a long-term repository which meets the requirements of the journal (see MEE's Policy on Publishing Code)
    • (Scope: Do consider MEE's Aims and Scope for your manuscript. We make no guarantee that your manuscript will be within MEE scope.)
    • (Although not required, we strongly recommend having a full manuscript prepared when you submit here.)
    • (Please do not submit your package separately to Methods in Ecology and Evolution)


  • Does R CMD check (or devtools::check()) succeed? Paste and describe any errors or warnings:

  • Does the package conform to rOpenSci packaging guidelines? Please describe any exceptions:

  • If this is a resubmission following rejection, please explain the change in circumstances:

  • If possible, please provide recommendations of reviewers - those with experience with similar packages and/or likely users of your package - and their GitHub user names: