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pkgdown template for rOpenSci packages 💅
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Project Status: WIP – Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. Build Status

rotemplate provides a custom pkgdown template for rOpenSci packages. We use this to render sites at Please don’t use it for your own package if it’s not an rOpenSci package (i.e. only use it for packages listed on

Inspired by tidytemplate and lockedatapkg.

How to use rotemplate

Documentation rOpenSci packages will automatically be generated from your master branch and published to You don’t have to do anything to make this work. If you want to test your site locally use this:

template <- list(package = "rotemplate")
pkgdown::build_site(devel = FALSE, override = list(template = template))

Everything else can be configured as usual via the _pkgdown.yml file as described in the pkgdown documentation.

If your website is not deploying or you run into another problem, please open an issue in the ropensci/docs repository.

Example sites

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