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#' Get random DOI's through CrossRef.
#' From CrossRef website: "It [this API] might be useful to anybody doing research
#' on scholarly publications."
#' @import RJSONIO httr plyr
#' @param count The number of returned random DOIs. Maximum is 1000, default 20.
#' Note that a request for 1000 random DOIs will take a few seconds to
#' complete, whereas a request for 20 will take ~1 second.
#' @param to Return only DOIs published before and including the given year.
#' @param from Return only DOIs published after and including the given year.
#' Specifiying a long time period with to and from will cause multi-second
#' response times since the service will try to provide DOIs distributed
#' throughout the time period.
#' @param type Return DOIs of a certain type. Must be one of these unixref
#' derived types: journal_article, conference_paper, report_paper,
#' journal_issue, journal, book, book_series, book_set, dissertation,
#' content_item, series, or standard.
#' @param url The Crossref API url for the function (should be left to default)
#' @param ... optional additional curl options (debugging tools mostly)
#' @param curl If using in a loop, call getCurlHandle() first and pass
#' the returned value in here (avoids unnecessary footprint)
#' @return Ten DOI's in R's bibentry format.
#' @details From the Crossref documentation: A random distribution of values,
#' 0 to 1, has been assigned to our DOI records. We use this as an index to
#' look up a random values between 0 and 1 on each request, and take a
#' series of DOIs from that point in randomised order. Selection on year,
#' title and ISSN filters out records before a lookup on the random index.
#' @author Scott Chamberlain \email{}
#' @seealso The Crossref documentation for this API:
#' @export
#' @examples \dontrun{
#' crossref_r()
#' crossref_r(type = 'journal_article')
#' }
crossref_r <- function(count = NULL, to = NULL, from = NULL, type = NULL,
url = "")
args <- compact(list(count = count, to = to, from = from, type = type))
content(GET(url, query = args))
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