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\title{Search PLoS Journals subjects.}
plossubject(terms, fields = NA, limit = NA,
results = FALSE, url = "",
key = getOption("PlosApiKey", stop("need an API key for PLoS Journals")),
..., curl = getCurlHandle())
\item{terms}{search terms for article subjects
\item{fields}{fields to return from search (character)
[e.g., 'id,title'], any combination of search fields [see
\item{limit}{number of results to return (integer)}
\item{results}{print results or not (TRUE or FALSE)}
\item{url}{the PLoS API url for the function (should be
left to default)}
\item{key}{your PLoS API key, either enter, or loads from
\item{...}{optional additional curl options (debugging
tools mostly)}
\item{curl}{If using in a loop, call getCurlHandle()
first and pass the returned value in here (avoids
unnecessary footprint)}
Number of search results (results = FALSE), or number of
search results plus the results themselves (results =
Search PLoS Journals subjects.
plossubject('ecology', 'subject', 999, 'FALSE')
plossubject('ecology', 'subject', 9, 'FALSE')
plossubject('ecology', limit = 5, results = 'TRUE')
plossubject('ecology', 'subject', limit = 99, results = 'TRUE')
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