@sckott sckott released this Jan 23, 2015 · 161 commits to master since this release


  • API key no longer required (#86)


  • searchplos() now returns a list of length two, meta and data, and meta is a data.frame of metadata for the search.
  • Switched from CC0 to MIT license.
  • No longer importing libraries RCurl, data.table, googleVis, assertthat, RJSONIO, and stringr (#79) (#82) (#84)
  • Now importing dplyr.
  • Moved jsonlite from Suggests to Imports. Replaces use of RJSONIO. (#80)
  • crossref() now defunct. See package rcrossref https://github.com/ropensci/rcrossref. (#83)
  • highplos() now uses solr::solr_highlight() to do highlight searches.
  • searchplos(), plosabstract(), and other functions that wrap searchplos() now use ... to pass in curl options to httr::GET(). You'll now get an error on using callopts parameter.
  • Added manual file entry for the dataset isocodes.
  • Reworked both plosword() and plot_throughtime() to have far less code, uses httr now instead of RCurl, but to the user, everything should be the same.
  • Made documentation more clear on discrepancy between PLOS website behavior and rplos behavior, and how to make them match, or match more closely (#76)
  • Added package level man file to allow ?rplos to go to help page.


  • Removed some examples from searchplos() that are now not working for some unknown reason. (#81)
  • Previously when user set limit=0, we still gave back data, this is fixed, and now the meta slot given back, and the data slot gives an NA (#85)
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