@sckott sckott released this Jan 22, 2015 · 371 commits to master since this release


  • Improved documentation for bounding boxes, their expected format, etc. (#96)
  • Remove dependency on the following packages: assertthat, plyr, data.table, and XML (#102)
  • Using package gistr now to post interactive geojson maps on GitHub gists (#100)
  • rgbif now must be v0.7.7 or greater (the latest version on CRAN).
  • Removed the startup message.


  • Duplicate, but not working correctly, function occ2sp() removed. The function occ_to_sp() function is the working version. (#97)
  • Fixed bug where some records returned form GBIF did not have lat/long column headers, and we internally rearranged columns, which caused complete stop when that happened. Fixed now. (#101)
  • Changed all \donttest to \dontrun in examples as requested by CRAN maintainers (#99)
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