@Robinlovelace Robinlovelace released this May 31, 2016 · 890 commits to master since this release

stplanr 0.1.2


  • Interface to the Google Distance Matrix API with dist_google.
  • New transport planning API added, with route_transportapi_public (for testing).
  • Update to line2route, allowing it to accept different routing funtions via the new argument route_fun (for testing - tested with route_fun = route_cyclestreet).
  • New functions for creating origin-destination data frames (point2odf) and SpatialLinesDataFrames (points2flow).
  • Addition of n_vertices and is_linepoint for identifying the number of vertices in spatial objects and whether the 'line' is really a point.


  • line2route refactored, with 10 fold speed increases on large (1000+) batches of lines.
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