@sckott sckott released this Dec 16, 2016 · 353 commits to master since this release


  • New data source added: Open Tree of Life. New functions for the data source
    added: get_tolid(), get_tolid_(), and as.tolid() (#517)
  • related to above classification() gains new method for TOL data
  • related to above lowest_common() gains new method for TOL data
  • Now using ritis package, an external dependency for ITIS taxonomy
    data. Note that a large number of ITIS functions were removed, and are
    now available via the package ritis. However, there are still many
    high level functions for working with ITIS data (see functions prefixed
    with itis_), and get_tsn(), classification.tsn(), and similar
    high level functions remain unchanged. (#525)
  • EUBON has a new API (v1.2). We now interact with that new API version.
    In addition, eubon() fxn is now eubon_search(), although either still
    work - though eubon() will be made defunct in the next version of
    this package. Additional new functions were added: eubon_capabilities(),
    eubon_children(), and eubon_hierarchy() (#567)
  • lowest_common() function gains two new data source options: COL (Catalogue
    of Life) and TOL (Tree of Life) (#505)
  • Addded new function synonyms_df() as a slim wrapper around
    data.table::rbindlist() to make it easy to combine many outputs
    from synonyms() for a single data source - there is a lot of heterogeneity
    among data sources in how they report synonyms data, so we don't attempt
    to combine data across sources (#533)


  • Change NCBI URLs to https from http (#571)


  • Fixed bug in tax_name() in which when an invalid taxon was searched
    for then classification() returned no data and caused an error.
    Fixed now. (#560) thanks @ljvillanueva for reporting it!
  • Fixed bug in gnr_resolve() in which order of input names to the function
    was not retained. fixed now. (#561) thanks @bomeara for reporting it!
  • Fixed bug in gbif_parse() - data format changed coming back from
    GBIF - needed to replace NULL with NA (#568) thanks @ChrKoenig for
    reporting it!
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