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Heroku robot to ping issues with reminders.

This works by using specific keywords in issues.

  • To designate reviewer handles, use e.g., reviewers: @jane @jill


git clone git@github.com:ropenscilabs/heythere.git
cd heythere


Create the app (use a different name, of course)

heroku apps:create ropensci-hey-there

Create a GitHub personal access token just for this application. You'll need to set a env var for your username and the token. We read these in the app.

heroku config:add HEYTHERE_REPOSITORY=<github-repository> (like `owner/repo`)
heroku config:add GITHUB_USERNAME=<github-user>
heroku config:add GITHUB_PAT_OCTOKIT=<github-pat-for-octokit>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_PRE_DEADLINE_DAYS=<number-of-days-integer>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_DEADLINE_DAYS=<number-of-days-integer>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_POST_DEADLINE_EVERY_DAYS=<number-of-days-integer>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_POST_REVIEW_IN_DAYS=<number-of-days-integer>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_POST_REVIEW_TOGGLE=<boolean>
heroku config:add HEYTHERE_BOT_NICKNAME=<string>

Push your app to Heroku

git push heroku master

Add the scheduler to your heroku app

heroku addons:create scheduler:standard
heroku addons:open scheduler

Add the task rake hey to your heroku scheduler and set to whatever schedule you want.


If you have your repo in an env var as above, run the rake task hey

rake hey

If not, then pass the repo to hey like

rake hey repo=owner/repo

The command line repo var overrides the saved env var.

Puts last comment in the issue in the image below


GH Issues Usage

assigning reviewers

Always assign reviewers with Reviewers: @foobar

issue labels

We look for and use the GH issue labels:

  • package
  • editor-assigned
  • review-in-awaiting-changes

Thus, do use at least those two.

Env vars

Non-secret env vars with what we use in parens, then explanation. The values in parens are the defaults as well.

  • HEYTHERE_REPOSITORY - no default (of the form owner/repo)
  • GITHUB_USERNAME - no default
  • GITHUB_PAT_OCTOKIT - no default
  • HEYTHERE_POST_REVIEW_TOGGLE - (false) - i.e., don't do pings to authors after reviews submitted
  • HEYTHERE_LABEL_TARGET - (package) - which issues to consider (others are ignored)
  • HEYTHERE_LABEL_ASSIGNED - (3/reviewers-assigned) - if assigned, then proceed with algorithm...
  • HEYTHERE_LABEL_REVIEW_IN - (4/review-in-awaiting-changes) - if reviews not in, may need to ping reviewers, if reviews in, may or may not want to ping submitter to remind them
  • HEYTHERE_BOT_NICKNAME - no default - bot nickname

Rake tasks

  • rake hey - checks a repo for any issues that need reminders, and pings if so
  • rake envs - lists all the env vars you've set. if you're using heroku, and you've set env vars there, you could also do heroku config

To Do

  • make command line flags for optional command line use (partly addressed)
  • make various options for days since this and that, messages, repos, etc.