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Use publisher URL patterns to generate full text links to scholarly articles.

These could be used in a variety of ways:

  • If you're interested in a particular publisher, or a journal within a publisher, navigate directly to it.
  • If start with a DOI, then match on DOI prefix to the publisher






All .json files are in the src/ directory.

Example patterns

  • Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas (<spec/iif.json>): can get full URL from Crossref metadata, but need to replace /view/ with /download/ - requires a HTTP request to Crossref API, then a regex sub
  • ... more to come

Test suite

Tests are in test/ - will be run on Travis-CI on each change in this repo.

Tests are meant to make sure that URLs actually work. Failures will quickly let us know we need to fix something.


Please do contribute! Fork, make a feature branch, add a .json file in src/, add a test in test/, send a pull request to this repo. Thanks!