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An project on education with R from rOpenSci unconf 2018
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Educators who teach science using R tend to face common pedagogical problems even across different scientific domains. Yet instructors who teach with R often feel isolated at their institutions. They may be the only ones in their departments to teach using R; even if there are others, there tends not to be a culture of collaboration around teaching materials the way that there is around research. In a three-part series of blog posts, some participants at the rOpenSci 2018 unconf briefly survey the state of teaching science with R. A first post summarizes the main challenges that educators face, as a tool to help them think through the decisions they make about their course materials. The second post explains what makes for a good educational resource which can address these shared challenges. The final post sketches out the main things that educators can do in the future to create and share teaching materials and—even more important—to foster a community of practice around teaching science with R. We also plan to do a series of interviews with teachers along the lines of the .Rprofile series.

tl;dr: we propose three calls to action-

  1. Share your curricular materials in the open

Add a topic tag

Manage your topic tags

Search by topic tags

  1. Participate in rOpenSci Education profile series:
  2. Discuss with us how you want to be involved in rOpenSci Educators’ Collaborative posting issues in this repo.


  • Laura Acion, @lauracion
  • Mara Averick, @batpigandme
  • Leonardo Collado-Torres, @lcolladotor
  • Auriel Fournier, @aurielfournier
  • Alison Hill, @apreshill
  • Sean Kross, @seankross
  • Lincoln Mullen, @lmullen
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