taxonomic classes for R
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taxon classes for R

NOTE: This package may not end up being a separate package, but it may. It's a space to explore taxonomic classes for R

use cases

  • use in binomen:
    • if this pkg does classes, binomen can focus on verbs, e.g., manipulating taxonomic classes, doing split-apply-combine type things
  • use in taxize:
    • as we don't want to break things, probably ideal to have coerion fxns, e.g., as.taxon(), which will convert e.g., the output of get_uid() to a taxa taxonomic class, which we can then go dowstream and do things with (i.e., whatever we build on top of the classes)
    • Or we could even have output of get_*() functions do coercion to taxa classes on output since they are just simple S3 classes without print methods right now
  • use in metacoder: taxa will provide the classes used in metacoder (the taxmap class was originally from metacoder) once the taxa package is mature.