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Gopher Redirect

This serverless function reads in a raw request from the redirect_request.req file, converts it to a Gopher URL, and then redirects any incoming request to that URL.

This can be extremely useful to force a client to switch from a GET request to an anrbitrary POST request (assuming the client supports Gopher).


Customize the file redirect_request.req with the plaintext request you want. The example included is a POST request to localhost:5000/delete.

The function also requires the environment variable REDIRECT_HOST, which is where the Gopher data will be sent.

To deploy:

$ now -e REDIRECT_HOST="localhost:5000" --public

Example usage

Any request to the function will be 307 redirected to a Gopher URL based on the supplied redirect_request.req file:

$ curl -i https://gopherredirect-htmexdltcs.now.sh/asdf
HTTP/2 307
date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 01:07:48 GMT
location: gopher://localhost:5000/_POST /delete HTTP/1.1%0AHost: localhost:5000%0AConnection: close%0A

If the client follows redirects and supports Gopher, a POST request will be made:

$ curl -L https://gopherredirect-htmexdltcs.now.sh/asdf

$ ncat -lp 5000
POST /delete HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:5000
Connection: close