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Massdns Serverless

This example compiles and installs massdns inside a Docker container running the Micro webserver. The webserver reads data from POST request bodies, writes it to a temp file, and executes massdns against it like so:

massdns -r /massdns-master/lists/resolvers.txt -o J ${tmpdir}/domains.txt

Stdout from the process is massaged a little bit to make well-formed JSON, and then the response is returned in an HTTP response.

This is more of a PoC of what is possible with serverless container execution. I'd probably rather just rather run massdns in a container locally, but if you ever find yourself needing to resolve a lot of domain names and only have the ability to make HTTP requests, this might be useful


$ now --public

Select [2] Dockerfile for deployment type


You must POST a file with domain names on each line. The easiest way is with curl:

$ curl -s -X POST --data-binary "@domains.txt" https://massdns-gingahvmrz.now.sh

This will return JSON that can be parsed with jq or your tool of choice.