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Fix typo. libarcode => libqrcode

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1 parent 49232d1 commit e54f330239f81209e6061656542d32884d092cbc @roques committed May 17, 2012
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2 doc/build-unix.txt
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ turned off by default. Set USE_UPNP to a different value to control this:
libqrencode may be used for QRCode image generation. It can be downloaded
from, or installed via
your package manager. Set USE_QRCODE to control this:
- USE_QRCODE=0 (the default) No QRCode support - libarcode not required
+ USE_QRCODE=0 (the default) No QRCode support - libqrcode not required
USE_QRCODE=1 QRCode support enabled
IPv6 support may be enabled by setting

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