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ROR API allows to iterate, query and filter the organizations indexed in ROR. The results are returned in JSON.


The route /organizations gives the list of all organizations.

/organizations/<ror id> (e.g. /organizations/ can be used to retrieve the record of a single organization based on its ROR id.


Parameters query, and query.names can be used for querying:

  • query (e.g. /organizations?query=Bath) searches in all fields
  • (e.g. /organizations? searches in the main name of the organization
  • query.names (e.g. /organizations?query.names=WHO) searches in all the name variants of the organization


It is also possible to filter the results by type, country code or country name using filter parameter:

  • /organizations?filter=types:Facility
  • /organizations?filter=country.country_code:GB
  • /organizations?filter=country.country_name:France

The filters can be combined like this: /organizations?filter=types:Facility,country.country_code:GB. Filters can be also combined with querying.


ROR API returns 20 results per page. It is possible to iterate through the list using page (e.g. /organizations?page=5) parameter. It can be combined with filters and querying.

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