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OpenRefine reconciler for Research Organization Registry
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A simple OpenRefine reconciler for the Research Organization Registry (ROR).

This repository is for the code behind ROR's OpenRefine reconciler end-point.

Of course you don't need to actually build/install this to use the reconciler. Instead you can simply add the following URL to your list of OpenRefine reconcilers:

And use the following “Refine Expression Language” command for creating a new column of ROR ids:

But if you really want to install and work with the reconciler locally, you can follow the cheatsheet below to run the reconciler in Docker.

Cheatsheet to get reconciler server working with Docker on your local machine

  • docker build -t ror-reconciler .
  • docker swarm init
  • docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml ror_reconcile
  • roar! 🦁


curl http://localhost:4567/heartbeat

You should see something like:

{"named":"ROR Reconciler","status":"OK","pid":"1","ruby_version":"2.5.3","phusion":false}

To stop

  • docker service ls
  • docker stack rm ror_reconcile
  • docker swarm leave --force
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