A simple Twitter client
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A delightful Twitter/Ruby on Rails learning project.

How to use

  1. sudo gem install json yaml rest-open-uri
  2. Rename config-example.yaml to config.yaml
  3. Edit user and password to match yours
  4. chmod +x turpentine.rb
  5. ./turpentine.rb
  6. To post tweets, open a new window and run ./turpentine.rb out

OAuth mode

  1. gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
  2. sudo gem install moomerman-twitter_oauth
  3. Edit the auth_mode line of config.yaml to read oauth. You’ll need to register for OAuth and edit the oauth section of config.yaml for your consumer key and secret.


This is all pretty clumsy at the moment, but it’s getting better. Here are some of the bigger concerns:

  • The only things that currently work are tweeting, viewing @replies, and seeing the friends_timeline. Favorites, direct messages, &c. don’t exist.
  • It would be good to verify that successful responses have a 200 code. I’m not sure how to do it; rest-open-uri doesn’t seem to expose such information.
  • Currently there is no time zone support, so you’ll see weird timestamps.