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Seamless containerised browsing
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The goal of this project is to create a seamless experience browsing the web in reasonably private way.

Project Progress


  • When intentionally visiting a website anonymously (not logged in), the host website should not be able to find out who you are by any means.
  • Once logged into a website, that particular profile described by the domain, the email/username used to sign in and other configuration should be persisted and recalled when appropriate.
  • By generating cookie stores, proxies and browser fingerprint attributes for each {domain, account}, users maintain isolated and untraceable relationships with each website.

Using the containers API, Firefox allows creation of isolated cookie stores. Think of containers as multiple incognito tabs (rather than windows) that you can save!

There are existing extensions for privacy and container managment but either they don't provide enough functionality or have too many configuration options.

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