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function as a service
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Function as a service.

How to install?

Install firefly from source using:

pip install firefly-python

How to use?

Create a simple python function.


def fib(n):
	if n == 0 or n == 1:
		return 1
		return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)

And run it using firefly.

$ firefly fib.fib

That started the fib function as a service listening at

Let us see how to use it with a client.

>>> import firefly
>>> client = firefly.Client("")
>>> client.fib(n=10)

The service can also be invoked by sending a POST request.

$ curl -d '{"n": 10}'


Features Planned

  • Auto reload
  • supporting other input and output content-types in addition to json. (for example, a function to resize an image)
  • serverless deployment
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