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LED display on a pole for music festivals. Features a cute pokemon walking!
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Furret Totem

Two 128x64px LED panels looping animated gifs. Powered by an ESP32 and a custom PCB!

Furret Walking


  • Yes, he's built using "Arduino"! No, it's not Neopixel LEDs! Yes, he is adorable!
  • Furret uses a custom PCB I designed to drive HUB75 panels with an ESP32!
  • The LED panels were $25 each and the microcontroller was $5. It's powered by a USB battery pack!
  • The original pixel art animation was done by the extremely talented Alex Illustration! My wife and I modified the basic animation in Photoshop to make all the other animations!


Click here to see all the animations!


  • @ravefurret on Instagram! Share your pics and videos with us!
  • redirects to the Github page, with all the code and technical information!


Special Thanks


This project was built on top of so many incredible libraries:

We used Photoshop to create the animations!


  • PCB I designed to drive HUB75 panels with an ESP32: Buy on Tindie!
    • This part is optional, but greatly simplifies your wiring!
  • ESP32-DEVKIT-V1: Amazon ($14 for 2)
    • You can use a different ESP32 if you don't use my PCB. Just remember to verify it has the required pins mentioned below!
  • 128x64px, P2.5, 1/32, HUB75E purchased on AliExpress
  • Bubble machine extracted from children's bubble wand toy, purchased on eBay


Using ESP32_FORUM_PINOUT from MatrixHardware_ESP32_V0.h


Originally I was planning to power this off some 18650's, but I butchered a USB cable to supply the 5V power to the panel for testing, and I'm really enjoying how simple it is. At full brightness, one panel pulls about 2 amps @ 5 volts.

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