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Vcsparser Extensions for SonarQube
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Sonar Vcsparser Plugin

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Vcsparser Extensions for SonarQube


  • Lines Fixed Over Lines Changed (vcsparser_linesfixedoverchanged_xx)
  • Number of authors (vcsparser_numauthors_xx)
  • Number of authors over 10% contribution (vcsparser_numauthors10perc_xx)

Metric Requirements

Lines Fixed Over Lines Changed

  • vcsparser_lineschanged_xx
  • vcsparser_lineschanged_fixes_xx

Number of authors

  • vcsparser_authors_data

Number of authors over 10% contribution

  • vcsparser_authors_data
  • vcsparser_numchanges_xx

Time Period

Metrics in the list above may be suffixed with _xx, this represents that there is a metric for each time period. For instance vcsparser_linesfixedoverchanged_3m or vcsparser_linesfixedoverchanged_1d.

Period Suffix
1 Year _1y
6 Months _6m
3 Months _3m
30 Days _30d
7 Days _7d
1 Day _1d

Metric Customisation

Options are available to customise the name, description or domain of a metric.

To do so first create a json file in a similar format to bellow. (example measures.example.json)

    "metrics": [
            "key": "key_of_metric_to_change",
            "name": "The new Name of the metric",
            "description": "The new Description of the metric",
            "domain": "The new Domain of the metric"

Now set up an environment variable called SONAR_VCSPARSER_JSONDATA that points to this file.

Any changes to the json file will require a restart of SonarQube.



  1. Download either the latest build from GitHub release or from AppVeyor.
  2. Move the plugin into plugins folder (~\extensions\plugins). Make sure to remove any old versions

vcsparser setup

To publish the metrics from vcsparser you may also need sonar-generic-metrics. View the documentation on vcsparser and sonar-generic-metrics to lean how.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the license file for details

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